Tip: The most valuable trick to teach your Jack Russell

Photo of a Jack Russell terrier

The most valuable trick to teach your Jack Russell is the 'Look at me!' command. It might sounds simple, but it's a very powerful command that can gain your dog's attention, and distract him from any other kind of behaviour.

Now, Jack Russells can be hard to train, but with patience you can get him to stop what he's doing and pay attention to his master on command.

Begin by offering your dog a treat, and associating it with a verbal 'Look at me!' command. Then bring the treat to your face, and treat him when he's looking at your eyes. Make the 'Look at me!' high pitched and sudden.

It might take an hour or two to get him to start learning the command properly, and for Jack Russells it's always a good idea to reinforce the command by associating 'Look at me!' with a treat every day for about a week.

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