How do I stop my Jack Russell whining so much?

You're encouraging him to whine

Dog whining is really annoying. Some dogs whine very rarely, but persistent and extended whining for attention is a negative behavioural trait that you need to correct.

A Jack Russell that whines constantly and persistently throughout the day has been mothered too much as a puppy, and has learned over time that whining results in reward or attention.

While your Jack Russell's whining might seem cute and make you feel sorry for him, sometimes you just have to be firm with your dog and teach him that whining will not result in reward at all.

You need to ignore him when the whining begins, or create an unpleasant stimulus as soon as it happens. You could spray water in his face whenever he starts whining. The dog will soon realise that whenever he whines, something unpleasant will happen.

Remember, we don't want to be cruel to our Jack Russell, we just need to create a negative stimulus that consistently happens every time he displays this inappropriate behaviour.

On the other hand, if whining persists even after taking these steps, it's a good idea to take him to the vet to make sure that the behaviour isn't being caused by any sort of medical issue. For example, joint pain might be making him upset.

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