How do I stop my Jack Russell jumping up?

Remember: your dog isn't a child

When you come home, does your Jack Russell jump up at you?

While this behaviour might seem cute and affectionate, it's actually him telling you he's the pack leader. This can lead to all sorts of bad behaviour, and to regain control you need to re-establish yourself as the leader by being calm and assertive.

You might be reinforcing this behaviour by giving him affection in response to him jumping up at you when you come through the door. You shouldn't feel bad about it - it's our natural response. Just remember that your dog is not a child, and should not be treated as such.

How to correct dog jumping

You can learn a surprising amount by watching how a Jack Russell mother interacts with her new puppies. Whenever the little puppy is naughty, the mother calmly and assertively moves him out of the way.

You too can emulate this by moving him out of the way, perhaps to another room by himself for a short period of time, or using the same 'distraction' techniques in our article about how to get your Jack Russell to stop whining.

While it might be hard at first to not shower your Jack Russell with hugs when he jumps up at you and your house guests, it's not a cruel thing to do - it's speaking to the dog in a language he understands.

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