Are Jack Russells good with children?

The short answer is, it depends on how well you socialise your dog from a young age.

If you bring your dog into your family as a newborn puppy, and raise it well alongside your children, then you will likely not encounter any major problems.

Socialisation is a huge thing for dogs and their interaction with others. It helps them to get used to creatures of different shapes and sizes, and helps them not to feel too threatened.

A feeling of being threatened is the main concern for Jack Russells and children, since a child playing with a Jack's ears, hair, or body, may be interpreted as an attack by the dog.

Therefore, we recommend not only having your dog trained to be more obedient and less aggressive, but also 'training' your children to not irritate your Jack Russell.

There are of course issues with interactions between any breed of dog and very young children. It is generally not advised to leave any breed of dog alone on the floor with a very young child or baby, as it's not unheard of for the worst to happen due to a dog's innate hunting instincts.

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