Are Jack Russells good with cats?

Two different personalities

If you already own a cat, is it a smart idea to bring a Jack Russell terrier into the family?

Sadly, the short answer to this question is no. Even when socialised with cats from a young age, the innate personalities of cats and Jacks will clash.

First off, Jack Russells are high-energy creatures, and cats get stressed very easily. So in the best case scenario, an active Jack Russell will likely irritate your cat.

Secondly, Jacks were bred to be hunters, so a badly behaved dog may react to your cat, especially if smaller in size, in a negative way.

It's not unheard of for Jack Russell terriers to harass smaller creatures such as cats, due to their strong hunting instincts. Sometimes, even worse can happen, and in a worst case scenario you might find your Jack and cat fighting on a daily basis.

This can be reversed in the case of a timid or well-behaved Jack Russell, in which case a cat might give the dog a few swipes in the face. Cats aren't as good at judging body language as dogs or humans, so they usually interpret your Jack's inquisitive behaviour as aggression.

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