How can I keep my Jack Russell terrier from destroying my house?

Exercise and damage limitation

The Jack Russell's large amount of energy can sometimes translate into destructive behaviour. Here are a number of way to minimise any damage.

The first step is to make sure your dog gets at least an hour of exercise per day. Take him on long walks, play with a ball in the back garden, or go out for jogs around the estate if you're both feeling energetic.

If the Jack is tired after a long day of exercise, he will be less destructive.

The second step is to minimise the potential damage by moving any valuable items out of harm's way. So keep anything valuable that the Jack Russell could damage off the floor.

Dog chewed up game controllerIt's also a good idea to give him toys that don't make a mess when he chews them up. Teddy bears and other stuffed animals will make a huge mess of fluff and lining all over your house (trust me!). Try a tougher chew toy like this to keep him occupied without making a mess.

Thirdly, one preventative step to take is to discipline your dog if he starts to show signs of destructive behaviour from a young age. If he starts ripping up a toy, slam a door as an 'interrupter'.

Or, establish your leadership of the 'pack' by taking the toy away from him and putting it somewhere out of reach. Ignore any of his dismayed whining or barking and he will eventually stop.

Never hit your Jack Russell, as this will only encourage an aggressive nature. It is cruel and counter-productive.

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