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By advertising here you can reach over 4,000 visitors a month, all ready and willing to purchase dog-related products and services.

Our visitor demographics:

  • 66.7% are female
  • 25% are in the 25-34 age range
  • A further 56% are aged from 35 to 64
  • 65% are based in the United Kingdom
  • 15% are based in the United States, and 4% are based in Australia

I have put a lot of work into making the website mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly, and as a result 44% of our visitors visit the website on a mobile device, and 23% visit from a tablet.

Another benefit of this work is that the bounce rate for all devices has dropped below 40% for the last six months, which is excellent for an information website.

How to advertise

The easiest method by far is to advertise through Google AdWords.

This means that your advert will appear in either one of the two main advert boxes that appear directly under the title of every page.

I believe this is the best deal for you because it's 'pay as you go', so you can test the waters with a few quid without any obligation to advertise for longer than you want.

Google has made a convenient guide to making a placement ad here.

  1. Enter 'www.jackrusselladvice.co.uk' in the box labelled 'Website'
  2. Click 'Search' and the results will appear in your table
  3. Numerous ad placements available targeted specifically at certain pages can be seen on your AdWords account. Just search under 'jackrusselladvice' for details and descriptions of ad placements within your AdWords account or click on the link below to see what can be offered to you

At least that is how I remember it. The interface may have changed slightly since I last looked at AdWords.

Otherwise if you want to contact me directly you can email me at jon@jackrusselladvice.co.uk.

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